Becoming stuck in a language, and how to find that flow again

You start a new language; everything is shiny and new. There are few things as starting from scratch! Especially if the language is significantly different from the ones you already speak, everything is beautiful and addicting. You can’t stop learning! In fact, you tell yourself: this is how I become fluent.

Except… you reach a plateau. Becoming fluent never happens. Damn. Again?

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Language Wrap-up: May

Alright, so full disclaimer before we get started: I had about half the month for focusing on those, because before the blog, I didn’t really set goals that objectively, which… means I accomplished less! But also that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and may have gotten a little overly ambitious with my goals? lol Perhaps next month, having a full 30 days, I’ll actually do everything I want to!

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