5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Gramado/Serra Gaúcha

As I’m from Porto Alegre, going to Gramado and all of Serra Gaúcha (RS/Brazil) is something I’ve done countless times. As a child, I’ve been to Gramado with my family. As a teen, I’ve been to Gramado with my friends. And as an adult, I’ve mostly… neglected Gramado. The last time I went must’ve been around six years ago, although I do love it! So when Sofia told me she’d be coming to the south, I looked for a hostel and booked it for the weekend.

Gramado, here we go.

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I went to a meditation class and hung out with monkeys in the Fo Guang Shan Temple Zu Lai

I love São Paulo (Brazil). I’ve been going there since I was 11, and though for the most part that means I was just hanging out with family, every now and then I got to see the beauties of the capital. The Butantan neighborhood especially has so many of my favorite things… Yet, I do understand why so many people argue against my love for São Paulo: they say there are too many buildings, too much of a city life, if there was ever such a thing. I agree that São Paulo isn’t exactly a city to go for inner peace, but I’ve still always loved it with all my being.

But, you know. I am all about that inner-peace-finding kind of place. Which is why the last time I went, this May ’19, I wanted to finally visit the town of Cotia (about 36km away from the capital) and its famous Zu Lai Temple.

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