Language Wrap-up: May

Alright, so full disclaimer before we get started: I had about half the month for focusing on those, because before the blog, I didn’t really set goals that objectively, which… means I accomplished less! But also that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and may have gotten a little overly ambitious with my goals? lol Perhaps next month, having a full 30 days, I’ll actually do everything I want to!

Spanish: okay, so I did decide on a DELE B2 preparation book I want to use, and I got informed about how to get my B2 certificate. Good, right? Not so good: I didn’t… do much else. I also had as a goal to read the Anne Frank diary in Spanish, which I started. But haven’t gone very far, either? I’m going to blame this one on me leaving the book at school and only spending an afternoon reading it, though. Leaving the book there totally changed things. :p All in all, I’ve seen just how hard it is to prioritize a language you’re a little ahead in. Starting is so much easier, I think!

Norwegian: this was prettyyyyy good, actually. Although I didn’t read the children’s books I’d gotten (particularly excited about Ikke gi opp, Josefine!, a book about a penguin, well, not giving up, I did go through most of the Memrise course in Norwegian. If you haven’t yet, I absolutely do recommend checking it out! Their database of languages is immense, and personally, what makes me so into their app, is that you can study hearing real ordinary people speaking, not only the voice actors. They approach random people on the streets, by the looks of it? And it so works. In Norwegian, they have 7 modules, and I’m on module 5. Really digging it!

Italian: riiiiiight. *awkward smile* You know how I was so dedicated to trying the Italian With Elisa course? I did one module and then just got distracted. On the bright side, I do think that’s a pretty awesome free course that should be taken more seriously (and I’ll do that next month!), and I also played around with Italian on Duolingo some. Mostly, though, I watched almost all of She-ra season 2 in Italian. Which was awesome! First time watching a cartoon dubbed in a language I’m learning, but I absolutely recommend it. Learned a few words, got a lot of input, and it was just an overall fun experience.

Korean: oh, Korean. I had very low key goals for you. I only wanted to memorize the alphabet! Get some new vocabulary on Drops. Maybe move forward with the super awesome Yonsei University First Step Korean. But the truth is that I didn’t do much at all this month. My apologetic look is very, very real.

Not to create excuses, but creating an excuse: it was a very busy month for me! Between the end of the trimester and a gazillion tests to grade, starting the blog, making some financial decisions, and general everyday stuff, I didn’t have as much time to study in May as I would’ve hoped.

Not a problem, though! For June, I come prepared: I’m going to schedule the month ahead.

Spanish: DELE B2, I’m coming for you! Now that I have my book available and a date for the exam (late November), it’s time to start studying! I’ve blocked some time on my Google Calendar for Spanish, and I start this Monday. Oh yeaaaaah!!

Norwegian: I’m keeping last month’s goal of reading the children’s books I got, but also of finishing the Memrise modules. Doing the Memrise modules on my phone is something I can do for fun a few minutes before work or bed without stress, but I’m blocking some time on weekends for the books as well. I have five, so I’m going to read one each week! (Starting with Ikke gi opp, Josefine!, obviously. I need to know why that penguin is so resilient.)

Italian: I feel like one reason why I’m not moving as fast with Italian is the abundance of resources. With Norwegian, they were so limited, that staying focused was a lot easier. But with Italian… I’m going to try and commit with the course. Also blocking out some time on my calendar for that, twice a week.

Korean: this month, I’m totally getting the alphabet. I’ll stick to the Yonsei University course, because it’s so didactic. Blocking out some time as well, keeping it all in green so it’s energetic and motivating!

More specificity and blocking out times now! With Norwegian and Korean, I have very clear goals: read one book each week and memorize the alphabet, but with Spanish and Italian I’m keeping a more relaxed mindset and focusing on the time I’ll be dedicating to them instead. I can’t wait to tell you next month how it totally worked out. :p

What languages are you learning? How was May? Do you have any goals for June? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “Language Wrap-up: May

  1. Omg! That’s so amazing! You’re so amazing!
    How can you find time to dedicate to all of these projects AND write AND teach AND live?! And you do it all SO WELL!!!!

    I want to learn French and I’ve started studying it at a language school but somethings happened and I had to stop the course but then I went on Duolingo and kept on with it for a while… But it’s not a goal I set up for me like you did… Perhaps I should do that?
    I could say I’m a dedicated person and that I could focus on what I want but I’ve been kinda lost lately… Any tips on that?

    Well, I wrote too much, sorry, but I must say I love your blog and I admire you soooo much!

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  2. I’m so admired by how much you can do!

    You write, teach, learn new languages, start a blog, live your life AND YOU DO IT ALL SÓ PERFECTLY! Seriously, congrats. I admire you soooo much.

    Well, I’ve st studying French a while back in a language school but I had to leave it… But as it turns out I LOVED the language and I really want to learn more about it but I always feel like I don’t have time… Perhaps I should get organized like you did, to dedicate exclusively for that?

    All I can say is that your blog and this post and seeing how amazing you are have inspired me to do better and I’ll try!

    Also, why these languages?

    Congrats on the blog, it’s amazing!

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    • Hi, Bea!

      I’m replying to the second comment, if that’s alright! Thank you so much for engaging, by the way! It makes me super happy and motivated to stay on course. ❤

      Giiiiiirl, perfect is far from the truth! In fact, that's a great idea for a next blog post! How every learning process (and life!) is extremely messy and not at all linear. Good idea :p But thanks a million for the faith you put in me!

      French seems incredible!!! It's definitely very high on my to-learn list! I feel you on feeling like we don't have time… have you tried putting all your commitments on Google Calendar or something of the sort, to see where your time gaps are? That has helped me immensely to get organized with time, not only for studying but for everything. I highly recommend that! Plus it's been proven that to build a habit (like studying a language), if you keep a schedule, your brain gets used to it more easily.

      Let me know how your French goes! I can't wait for you to write me a comment on full-on French. And for me to put that on Google Translate, of course.

      Why those languages, well!!!! I'm from the South, so during the summer the cities are full of Argentineans and Uruguayans. I've always felt comfortable talking in Spanish, but didn't quite have the grammar. After being to Spain, I feel that my Spanish is okayish, but having a certificate will make me feel more confident in my abilities. Then there's Norwegian, which is, quite frankly, my favorite language. It's been a passion of mine since I started watching SKAM about two years ago. I've tried to immerse myself in the language as much as I could since then. I briefly flirted with the idea of moving to South Korea maybe two months ago, so I started learning the language, and when moving proved to be impossible, I liked enough of the alphabetic system that I wanted to keep learning. And Italian, honestly… I just liked Italy a lot? As a Roman language, I think it's easier to learn than picking up German, for example. So there's that!

      You wrote in your first comment that it'd been long (which I LOVE, by the way!), but look at the size of this small essay! :p

      Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your experiences, and thanks for giving the blog a shot! It's still a Baby Blog, but we'll see it grow. ❤


  3. Ahh this is so cool. I’m honestly surprised though you can study so many languages at once — you don’t get confused? I feel like I totally would. My kichwa is going well!! It’s funny because I have to put together my own course of study since I’m using scattered resources I can find across the web. A lot of them want me to start off memorizing complicated phrases so I’m able to say “good morning” “how are you” etc and that doesn’t work for me. But so far I can count pretty well, conjugate in present tense, I’ve got a set of 20 or so verbs I’m learning, and I translated an entire sentence the other day. I was so proud lol.

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    • It’s funny you should say that, because there are very strong arguments on both sides for theorists. Some claim that yes, you do get confused, others claim that your memory skills improve, and so it’s actually easier for you to learn two (or more) languages at once than just one. I guess it depends on what you believe!

      ROBIN, YOU’RE GOING SO FAR AND SO FAST WITH KICHWA!!!! I definitely cannot do all of that in Italian, much less Korean. You’re making Kichwa your BABE.

      I love that you’ve put together your own course. Planning our studies is so much fun, and gives us so much autonomy. I love that! I’m proud of you too!


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